Welcomes Road Closure Update

The remaining schedule of work associated with 10 WR is as follows:

Tuesday 18th January (08.00 to 22.00) – Line 115m x 225mm sewer from outside 10 Welcomes Road to a point beyond No 2 Welcomes Road (Access for Nos 2 to 8 will be via the Kenley Lane End) Note extended closure time.

Wednesday 19th January (16.30 – 06.30) – Line 32m x 225mm sewer from the Junction of Welcomes Road / Kenley Lane to a MH in Valley Road. (No access to Kenley Lane for the duration of our works). Note this is overnight work.

Thursday 20th January (08.00 – 16.00) – Possible minor finishing off but this is unlikely to be necessary

HGV Movements ongoing to mid February

Please continue to avoid using the lower part of Welcomes Road after 20th January, when the above road works are completed, as it will then be very busy with HGV muckaway traffic moving earth from No 42 WR. The routing for the trucks is via the Kenley Lane entrance to Welcomes Road and the contractors are Sivyer, www.hsivyer.com. If you see their trucks anywhere else on our road network, which includes Zig Zag and Uplands Roads, please report this to WURA using welcomesanduplandsroads@gmail.com as we require payment from the developers for the extra loading. Including photographs of the offending vehicles would be helpful, with a note of the date and time.

The task to remove 2000m3 from the site at 42WR  will involve around 170 trips by 32ton trucks x 8 loads each working day ending roughly mid February 2022. This means 16 muckaway truck movements (round trips) a day.

A message from the Chairman for 2022

Richard Russell, our Secretary, has for many years stoically borne the brunt of the work associated with the Council planners and developers and it is acknowledged that (not wishing to belittle input from other Committee members) without him WURA would not be the recognised ‘street manager’ it is. He will be retiring after the next AGM in May/June 2022 leaving a massive hole in WURA – a hard act to follow and I’m sure every resident would join me in recognising his dedication and massively thanking him.

He has accepted a one day a week part-time post of a consultant enabling myself and the others to use his expertise and knowledge when required whilst keeping himself ‘remote’ from the daily demands of email traffic.

With Richard’s departure we need volunteers from Welcomes and Uplands Roads to fill spaces on the WURA committee to ensure that there is succession. If you are interested do please contact any member of the Committee. You can join a Committee meeting to see if the role is for you before you make up your mind finally. The next meeting will take place at some time in the New Year prior to the AGM.

The result of all this is that the Road Committee remit has to be considerably reduced, dealing only with core road matters and funding. This means residents will have to handle more issues themselves than was the case before. The website now contains a page of reference information specifically for residents, including a list of useful contacts.

With the retirement of our Secretary after the 2022 AGM and in the absence of a replacement, in spite of efforts to find one, the Committee will only be dealing with core road issues after March 2022. All emails will be assessed by the Chairman and where relevant will be discussed with Richard in his new capacity and relevant road representatives. Please see the ‘about WURA’ page for details of the Committee’s focus.