The obligation is recorded in the deeds of the properties. But who were the Original Owners of Welcomes Road? The best evidence we have is from Conditions of Sale Welcomes Farm on 13th May 1862. An extract is as follows:

“Mr MARSON (Kenley House) and the late owner of Welcomes Farm (Mr Thomas KEEN) covenanted with each other that a new road (called ‘New Road’ to Kenley i.e. Welcomes Road) which has been made at their joint expense, should from time to time and at all other times there after, be maintained and kept in repair by, and at the equal expense, and of that or their respective heirs, appointees or assigns, owners for the time being of the lands through or over which the said new road has been made.”

It reads that this was agreed in 1853. The new owner of Welcomes Farm from 1862 to 1896 was Mr George CUTT. The land started to be sold off in the 1890s. Mr John YOUNG purchased Kenley House & lands in about 1865 and within a few years sold off building plots at the bottom of Welcomes Road. The OS map of 1912 (revised 1910) shows some of those early properties together with significant development along Uplands Road (viewable here courtesy of the National Library of Scotland). The remaining estate was sold in 1927.

By the OS map published in 1947 (revised in 1943), properties can be seen along both sides of Welcomes Road.

WURA History

The early meeting minutes were typed up and stuck into the Welcomes Road and Uploads Road Committed Minutes book, which covers from April 1956 to June 1977. It is quite revealing to see how some things haven’t changed over the years…

You can access all the annual accounts since 2008 and AGM minutes since 2005 from here…

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Other archived documentation

  • Notice from Croydon Council stating that frontagers will be liable for the cost if the Council feel repairs are necessary and carry them out themselves
  • Technical review carried out in 2015 after Arnold Tarmac Ltd resurfacing
  • Advice received from Croydon Council in 2004 regarding non-resident use of the road.
  • Some things don’t change! Newsletter from 1981 reinforcing the obligation of residents to pay their road levy

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