Reporting a Dangerous Structure

Croydon Council writes:

We are responsible for dealing with structures which are an immediate danger to the public. Our role is to deal with the immediate danger if the owner is not available to do so or is unknown at the time of the incident. Costs incurred are subsequently charged to the owner. It is not our role to rebuild or rectify faults.

To report a dangerous building or structure call 020 8760 5637.

To help us to process the report more quickly, provide as much information as possible, including the address, location and perceived nature of the danger. If you think that your building or structure is dangerous, you should seek professional advice as how to make it safe and take action immediately. We can discuss this with you during office hours on 020 8760 5637.

Evenings, weekends and public holidays

If you believe that people are at serious risk of an imminent major structural failure out of hours (between 4pm and 9am, at the weekend or on a public holiday), call our emergency number: 020 8726 6000.

Issused Dec 2022

Flood Alleviation Works from 9th January 2023

We have received notification that FM Conway, on behalf of Croydon Council, will be commencing essential drainage works as well as the re-development of the junction of Kenley Lane and Welcomes Road.

The start date is scheduled from 9th January to 9th March, 08:00 – 16:00, weather permitting.

To enable the contractor to undertake the works, some on-street parking will be suspended on Kenley Lane / Valley Road for the duration of the works. We also request that vehicular access to Kenley Lane will be via the prescribed diversion routes. The junction will be shut for approximately 3 months whilst the work takes place. Pedestrian access will be maintained as well as emergency services access. The works will be carried out with road closures in conjunction with 2-way temporary traffic signals for 1 week of the 12 week program.

Advance warning signs will be in place before the works commence advising of the precise dates and times. Unforeseen circumstances such as inclement weather may result in late changes so please check the signs regularly for updates.

Useful details of road closures and planned works can be found at

Please note that penalty charge notices will be applied to vehicles parts within the suspended areas during works hours and/or vehicles relocated. The Council urge all residents to ensure that their vehicles are moved from the suspended areas in order to avoid any delays to the works. If your vehicle is relocated please contact LBC on 020 8726 6000 Ext 52816 who will provide the exact location of your vehicle.

The Council are extremely sorry for the inconvenience this may cause residents. They wish to ensure that all works carried out on the Croydon network are to the highest standard to ensure value for residents.

For any further information please email or telephone 020 8726 6000 ext 52816.

Beware of Bogus Callers

Croydon Council does not permit its employees or contractors to undertake work on private property during the course of any scheme. If anyone offers such work they will not be a council approved contractor and should be treated with caution. Any scheme undertaken by a council approved contractor does not require cash payments.

Cold calling doorstep traders offering to carry out home maintenance work such as driveway repairs and roofing are a problem in Croydon. These traders can be very persuasive and can intimidate you into agreeing to have work undertaken. The advice from Croydon Trading Standards Service is to say “NO” to all cold calling traders, every time. If they will not leave or you get into difficulties then call Croydon Trading Standards on 020 8407 1311.