Resurfacing complete

After successfully completing the preparatory works, the road was resurfaced for about the first 180m down from Hayes Lane on Wednesday 15th September after a delay in delivering the SMA caused by the Insulate Britain protestors. Delivery of the tarmac was unimpeded by demos on Thursday and the work progressed well. The 40mm depth of SMA should be good for many years.

The new speed ramp between Maryhill Close and Simone Drive is also now installed and the line markings complete.

Many thanks for your patience while the work was being done. The London Surfacing Company asked us to pass on thanks for being ‘courteous and understanding’.

Community Infrastructure Levy

WURA have received these letters (PDF file) from our MP and the Minister of State for Housing about the use of Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) funds to upgrade private roads and in the case of Welcomes Road, a designated footpath which needs to be made safer for walkers.

Although millions of pounds in CIL is being collected by Croydon Council in respect of developments fronting Welcomes Road, the Kenley Transport Study, though recognising problems with Welcomes Road and the safety of pedestrians, shows that nothing is earmarked to be spent on the road by the Council.

The letter from the Minister suggests that CIL can be spent on footpaths and the matter will be taken up with the Council particularly as funds should have been set aside from the development at No 10 for this purpose.

For reference, the final report from the Kenley Intensification Zone Transport Study from February 2020 can be viewed here (PDF file).

We will be including a reference to paragraph 3 of the Minister’s letter in future objections to inappropriate development applications in the WURA area.