Tommy the turtle finds out he is a terrapin after all!

The other day when one of our members reported that a turtle had appeared through the fence from the building site next door to her,  the event ignited a good deal of interest among members and offers poured in to ‘house’ Tommy until he could be returned to his rightful owners.

He was offered several ponds but in the end Tommy moved to Kenley Lane to take up residence in a thriving pond there. I wonder if he will stay there or move on? Will the owners come and claim him back and what if he doesn’t want to move? Will there be tears?

 Thank you everyone who offered a home to Tommy or who took an interest in the fate of this itinerant amphibian.

 If you have children who would like to write a short story about the adventurers of Tommy the Terrapin, the one the Committee likes best will be published in the next WURA Newsletter and put on the web site. Closing dates for your story 31st August 2020.