Covid-19 – need assistance or can you offer help?

One of our members wrote to the Secretary the other day kindly offering to help with shopping for anyone who requires such assistance when isolated at home for whatever reason.

The member concerned wrote :  ‘Generally I imagine most ‘elderly’ residents have family/’younger’ friends to assist with shopping, maintaining contact etc. but maybe not everyone – and of course if these support people contract the virus they will be unavailable too. I’d be happy to include myself on a list -through WURA to provide a shopping service if required (and if people want, a telephone calling-in-to-see-how-you-are-doing activity). Until such time as the quarantine signs hang off my gate too! ‘ 

If you can also help in anyway please let the Secretary know and he will create a list of volunteers on the WURA email system.

Helpers will be asked if they are willing and able to do the job before we give their contact details to the person needing help.

People needing help should tell any Committee member what the problem is.

Another WURA member has noted that the Croydon Voluntary Action are trying to co-ordinate the voluntary effort in the Borough.  They are working with the Council and other statutory bodies to ensure that volunteers are properly checked out under safeguarding rules and that as much care as possible is taken in helping and providing support to members of the community.

For more information from the CVA, including a telephone helpline and a volunteering portal, please visit their website.

If you have not yet provided your email address to WURA Secretary , please do so, so that you can be kept up-to-date or request assistance if you need it.

For other problems please be guided by the advice from Government particularly about avoiding contact with people with flu like symptoms.

Keep well everyone and thank you the lady who raised the topic.