Flood alleviation measures at the bottom of Welcomes Road

The drainage and public realm works were originally scheduled to start end of March/early April 2022, were then scheduled for May but it now looks like it will be August at the earliest.

The exact date is to be confirmed when the street works permit has been approved.

  • The drainage works are expected to be completed within 4 weeks and the public realm works another 4 weeks. The entire works are anticipated to be completed within 8 weeks (subject to no unforeseen circumstances).
  • Most of the works will be carried out under temporary traffic signals with safe pedestrian routes/access provided.
  • They will need to close Kenley Lane at the junction with Welcomes Road during the drainage works for approx. 3 days (again, subject to no unforeseen circumstances).  During the road closure, traffic (although no HGVs) will be diverted via Welcomes Road, St Winifreds, Hermitage Road and then back onto Kenley Lane.  WURA are to hold discussions with the management of the private roads so they are aware of the proposal (the managers of the flats have been advised and will be contacting us).
  • The road closure will avoid bin collection in the area, which is on Mondays.
  • The works will be well publicised via advance warning signs and a letter drop to affected residents.
  • Disruptions during the works are unavoidable.  However, these would be kept to a minimum and Conway operatives on site would be available to assist when required.
  • All communications regarding the works should be made to Croydon Council.

The reinstated road, pavements and verges will be in a slightly changed configuration. This design and the slightly increased costs is being funded by the Kenley Good Growth Fund. The width of the wide junction will be reduced by building-out the pavements.

Regarding making good Welcomes Road from Nos 2 to 12, this is expected to take place in June when the site traffic from 10 and 42 Welcomes Road has subsided and after the flood works have been completed. The developers /builders have been asked to clean the mud off the road and to wash wheels down on site, statements in their Construction Logistics Plans which are not being followed properly.