HGV Movements ongoing to mid February

Please continue to avoid using the lower part of Welcomes Road after 20th January, when the above road works are completed, as it will then be very busy with HGV muckaway traffic moving earth from No 42 WR. The routing for the trucks is via the Kenley Lane entrance to Welcomes Road and the contractors are Sivyer, www.hsivyer.com. If you see their trucks anywhere else on our road network, which includes Zig Zag and Uplands Roads, please report this to WURA using welcomesanduplandsroads@gmail.com as we require payment from the developers for the extra loading. Including photographs of the offending vehicles would be helpful, with a note of the date and time.

The task to remove 2000m3 from the site at 42WR  will involve around 170 trips by 32ton trucks x 8 loads each working day ending roughly mid February 2022. This means 16 muckaway truck movements (round trips) a day.