Roadworks Update

Roadworks by SES Water 32 Welcomes Road starting 19th April:   The work to connect the new flats with the water supply will commence on Monday next 19th April. Unlike at 57 Welcomes Road the supply pipe in the road is on the same side of the road as the new flats. The intention therefore is to restrict the excavations to the same side of the road as the flats (west) and to leave enough space for a vehicle to pass the work site, albeit slowly and carefully.

It would however be appreciated if members could avoid using the road from Zig Zag to Kenley Lane as this should help the work force complete the work quickly.

If members living near No 32 could permit the site staff to park their vehicles on their land that would be very helpful in terms of keeping traffic moving and would be much appreciated. It is hoped the new connection will be completed and the road reinstated by the end of the week of 19th April.

Roadworks by SES Water 57 Welcomes Road: The road is now open at this point. The contractors are coming back to put grass seed down on the verges.

Roadworks by Thames Water and Lanes Group; The continuation of the survey of the sewer in Welcomes Road is expected to take place in April but the date has not been advised. The work entails uncovering a manhole near 58 Welcomes Road, which has been covered over by tarmac at some point in time in the past, and then sending a camera down to No 40 WR followed by jetting out any debris.

Security alert: Recently 2 men were caught at around 1am by a Ring doorbell camera trying the door handles of the cars parked on the drive. The property concerned is on Welcomes Road.

The Secretary

Welcomes Road still closed near no 57

The SES Roadworks originally estimated at 3 days have over-run and Welcomes Road has remained closed over the Easter break.

At least progress is being made – and many thanks to the recycling men who still managed to collect the recycling this morning!