Electrical Cable Installation Work

Electrical cable installation work is being carried out by Prencor to support the installation of vehicle charging points at 57 Welcomes Road.

The work is expected to be completed during the last two weeks of January,

The work will extend up the even numbered side of Welcomes Road from 60 to 68 but will also require excavation across the road to connect to no 57.

HGV Routing

WURA Committee members held a meeting early in December with Croydon Council to follow-up on the routing requirements for the HGV traffic associated with the new developments.

Following the meeting, the Principle Network Impact Assessment Engineer confirmed:

“As discussed at our meeting I believe I can support vehicles on Uplands Road entering and exiting via Abbots, and whilst I agree ‘SLOW’ markings and some double yellow lines are needed on the Abbots sharp turn these would have to be implemented as part of a new sites conditions if one comes up on Abbots as the current financial situation in the Council does not allow me to implement them on a general basis.”

“I can confirm that new sites along Welcomes are required to pay into a fund to cover a camera at the northern end of the road, again unfortunately with the current situation the installation fee and the small balance left over that would have been covered by the Council is not able to be authorised until we are no longer under Section 114 and there is a clear path back to a balanced budget.”