Vacancy for post of WURA Secretary

The post of Secretary for WURA is vacant now that Richard Russell has retired from the position. The post could be ideal for a retired person as the work requires working a varying number of hours per day dealing with road matters and associated issues but equally could suit anyone who feels able to fully commit to the work involved. The job, which tends to be event driven, involves responding to multiple emails from not just residents but developers, builders, utilities and various Council departments some of whom are not particularly responsive or helpful as well as organising meetings and keeping minutes. There is an honorarium which I must admit does not reflect the work involved. However whilst it is a challenging role it is also rewarding in terms of the opportunity to be of real service to the community here.

It would be an advantage for the applicant to be well established in the area with contacts within the community and be of a friendly disposition plus plenty of patience!

If you are interested and would like more information please email WURA or telephone myself directly (contact information in the newsletter).

Colin Brown (Chairman)

Roadworks on 14th May 2022

The trench in the middle of Welcomes Road to supply power to the new houses at 10 Welcomes Road will be tarmacked over on Saturday 14th May 2022. The road will be closed from 08.30 and re-opened at the latest by 16.30. Pedestrians will have access all day.

Welcomes Road closure for works : 3rd and 14th May

May 3rd 2022

We are informed that Welcomes Road will be closed all day in front of No 10 Welcomes Road to repair a water leak on Tuesday 3rd May so please do not drive down the road to exit via Kenley Lane/Valley Road. Nor indeed enter that end of Welcomes Road.

We also understand a number of HGV trips will be required to complete clearance of the chalk bed excavated from the back of the building site at 42 Welcomes Road and then there will be cement deliveries.

14th May 2022

The trench in the middle of Welcomes Road to supply power to the new houses at 10 Welcomes Road will be tarmacked over on Saturday 14th May 2022. The road should be passable to foot traffic most of that day.

AGM – 3rd May 2022

All WURA residents are invited to a ‘live’ AGM which will take place at 7.30pm in the Small Hall at the Kenley Memorial Hall on 3rd May 2022.

1. Agenda view here(PDF file)

2. Note on how the Road Committee will run the Association in future in the absence of a full time Secretary view here(PDF file)

3 .Updated Constitution. view here(PDF file)
The key changes relate to: 
a. the addition of a paragraph on dissolving the Association Para 6
b. mandate for the Road Committee to pay for outsourced work Para 4.6
c. revised powers for the Committee to contract road works Para 4.13

4.  Draft Accounts and Budget. These will be posted here on the website on or soon after April 20th 2022.

The Committee look forward to seeing you on 3rd May 2022  at 7.30pm. Please sign in on the registration form provided.

Richard Russell, Secretary

Flood alleviation measures at the bottom of Welcomes Road

The drainage and public realm works were originally scheduled to start end of March/early April 2022, were then scheduled for May but it now looks like it will be August at the earliest.

The exact date is to be confirmed when the street works permit has been approved.

  • The drainage works are expected to be completed within 4 weeks and the public realm works another 4 weeks. The entire works are anticipated to be completed within 8 weeks (subject to no unforeseen circumstances).
  • Most of the works will be carried out under temporary traffic signals with safe pedestrian routes/access provided.
  • They will need to close Kenley Lane at the junction with Welcomes Road during the drainage works for approx. 3 days (again, subject to no unforeseen circumstances).  During the road closure, traffic (although no HGVs) will be diverted via Welcomes Road, St Winifreds, Hermitage Road and then back onto Kenley Lane.  WURA are to hold discussions with the management of the private roads so they are aware of the proposal (the managers of the flats have been advised and will be contacting us).
  • The road closure will avoid bin collection in the area, which is on Mondays.
  • The works will be well publicised via advance warning signs and a letter drop to affected residents.
  • Disruptions during the works are unavoidable.  However, these would be kept to a minimum and Conway operatives on site would be available to assist when required.
  • All communications regarding the works should be made to Croydon Council.

The reinstated road, pavements and verges will be in a slightly changed configuration. This design and the slightly increased costs is being funded by the Kenley Good Growth Fund. The width of the wide junction will be reduced by building-out the pavements.

Regarding making good Welcomes Road from Nos 2 to 12, this is expected to take place in June when the site traffic from 10 and 42 Welcomes Road has subsided and after the flood works have been completed. The developers /builders have been asked to clean the mud off the road and to wash wheels down on site, statements in their Construction Logistics Plans which are not being followed properly.

Roadworks Latest – Feb through to March

Flood management road works, Kenley Lane

Some of you may have noticed that there are markings on the road and pavement at the Kenley Lane end opposite the Moorings Medical Practice. These works are apparently connected with the installation of a soakaway/holding/attentuation tank to control the flow of surface storm water emerging from the upper reaches of Kenley Lane and Welcomes Road (Kenley Common) which can lead to severe flooding in Kenley Lane up to the Railway Station.

We have had no formal notice from the Council of the start date for the job but understand that 4 way traffic light control will be in use whilst the work is carried out.

42 Welcomes Road HGV traffic

There are still some 60 HGV (30MT each) round trips (140 trips so far)  needed to clear the site of excavated material plus another 25 deliveries of pre-mix concrete to stabilise the site. After that there are all the other building materials needed to complete the new homes.  Once all the groundwork has been completed traffic relating to deliveries will use the Council approved routing from Kenley Lane, exiting at Hayes Lane by turning right i.e heading from North to South.

In view of the enormous and unprecedented load on Welcomes Road, which only has no formal base, the Road Committee made a decision to confine the traffic from 42 WR and associated damage, to as short a stretch of the road as possible. The Committee in making this decision also took into account  the excavation needed  to install a new electric cable to the No 10 Welcomes Road development from a connection point in Kenley Lane/end of Welcomes Road. This excavation is to be made good after the bulk of traffic from 42WR has subsided sometime in March 2022.

The engineering drawings and plans for 42 WR  did not appear to include any accurate  indication of the extent of the excavations required and the subsequent impact from the resulting HGV traffic on Welcomes Road.

Future developments in Welcomes Road to the South of 42 Welcomes Road

Traffic generated from these developments  will  follow the routing laid down by the Council. (North to South).

No 10 Welcomes Road development

The developers have been exemplary in keeping us informed of road works and have done their best to minimise disruption in difficult conditions with parking in the relief bay they created by unrelated vehicles. 

As mentioned above the trench (UKPN cable conduit) cut along the centre of the road will be made good properly once the traffic from 42 WR has subsided. The exact timing of this work may be influenced by the works being carried out in Kenley Lane by the Council’s contractors, Conway.

The hole dug in Welcomes Road opposite the site was carried out by an unknown party without permission from WURA but the developer has back filled this more than once as it has given way under the weight of traffic.

Welcomes Road Closure Update

The remaining schedule of work associated with 10 WR is as follows:

Tuesday 18th January (08.00 to 22.00) – Line 115m x 225mm sewer from outside 10 Welcomes Road to a point beyond No 2 Welcomes Road (Access for Nos 2 to 8 will be via the Kenley Lane End) Note extended closure time.

Wednesday 19th January (16.30 – 06.30) – Line 32m x 225mm sewer from the Junction of Welcomes Road / Kenley Lane to a MH in Valley Road. (No access to Kenley Lane for the duration of our works). Note this is overnight work.

Thursday 20th January (08.00 – 16.00) – Possible minor finishing off but this is unlikely to be necessary