Applications are invited for the position of WURA Secretary

You may have read in the Spring newsletter that Richard Russell is retiring from the position in May 2022. The post could be ideal for a retired person as the work requires working a varying number of hours per day dealing with road matters and associated issues but equally could suit anyone who feels able to fully commit to the work involved. The job, which tends to be event driven, involves responding to multiple emails from not just residents but developers, builders, utilities and various Council departments some of whom are not particularly responsive or helpful as well as organising meetings and keeping minutes. There is an honorarium which I must admit does not reflect the work involved. However whilst it is a challenging role it is also rewarding in terms of the opportunity to be of real service to the community here.

It would be an advantage for the applicant to be well established in the area with contacts within the community and be of a friendly disposition plus plenty of patience! The successful applicant would need to start working with Richard over the coming months to learn the ropes.

If you are interested and would like more information please contact either the current Secretary by email or myself (telephone contact information in the newsletter).

Colin Brown (Chairman)

Roadworks Update

Roadworks by SES Water 32 Welcomes Road starting 19th April:   The work to connect the new flats with the water supply will commence on Monday next 19th April. Unlike at 57 Welcomes Road the supply pipe in the road is on the same side of the road as the new flats. The intention therefore is to restrict the excavations to the same side of the road as the flats (west) and to leave enough space for a vehicle to pass the work site, albeit slowly and carefully.

It would however be appreciated if members could avoid using the road from Zig Zag to Kenley Lane as this should help the work force complete the work quickly.

If members living near No 32 could permit the site staff to park their vehicles on their land that would be very helpful in terms of keeping traffic moving and would be much appreciated. It is hoped the new connection will be completed and the road reinstated by the end of the week of 19th April.

Roadworks by SES Water 57 Welcomes Road: The road is now open at this point. The contractors are coming back to put grass seed down on the verges.

Roadworks by Thames Water and Lanes Group; The continuation of the survey of the sewer in Welcomes Road is expected to take place in April but the date has not been advised. The work entails uncovering a manhole near 58 Welcomes Road, which has been covered over by tarmac at some point in time in the past, and then sending a camera down to No 40 WR followed by jetting out any debris.

Security alert: Recently 2 men were caught at around 1am by a Ring doorbell camera trying the door handles of the cars parked on the drive. The property concerned is on Welcomes Road.

The Secretary

Further roadworks in late March

Just to remind you to avoid Welcomes Road between Zig Zag Road and Kenley Lane for the next two weeks.

 32 WR gas connection 22nd March, estimated 3 days 

 57 WR water connection 29th March, estimated 3 days

Site meeting with SES water contractors on 25th March.

These jobs usually seem to take longer than scheduled so please make allowances.

The contractors are expected to keep the road passable to light traffic and pedestrians with brief closures to reinstate the road.

Roadworks Works during November – near 17WR and at ZigZag Road

UK Power Networks now have a start date to carry out  works involving upgrading an underground electricity connector. They will be using a sub contractor who is being properly briefed by UKPN on traffic management.

o/s 17 Welcomes Road Kenley

UKPN ref- 240104449 – LB 1L4517)
Start date –           18/11/2020
Permit end date –   26/11/2020
Permit Number —   PW00000021428

Works will involve excavation (approx. size 8m x 1.1m x 0.9m) cable jointing and reinstatement. Whilst on site the road width past the works will be restricted to 2.5m, wide. When leaving site overnight, access past the works should be 3m wide.

Contact Information:
Sean Reeves
Powercare Agent
UK Power Networks
07812 263013

Whilst the UKPN works are on-going please avoid using the lower part of Welcomes Road if you can.

At Zig Zag Road

Junction of Zig Zag Road and Welcomes Road: Starting Wednesday 18th November until first thing Monday morning 23rd Nov. To make good damage by construction site traffic using Zig Zag Road contrary to Council routing instructions by installing some new kerbing, breaking out surface of bellmouth and first section of Zig Zag Road and laying 20mm sub base and 10mm SMA running course. The road will be closed most of the time so please use Abbots Lane for this period. It will be passable for pedestrians. Although the work will be finished by Friday night Zig Zag Road will remain closed over the weekend to allow the SMA surface course to cure

The contractor will open the road early on Monday morning so the refuse lorry can get past. Your patience is appreciated and please be nice to the people doing the work!

Reporting suspicious behaviour and theft in the neighbourhood

From time to time members report incidents of trespass, theft and other suspicious behaviour in the neighbourhood and this seems to be well received by many members when the information is circulated by WURA.

If you wish to report an incident please try to include the following details:

  • date and time
  • description of person/clothing
  • location of incident
  • if any vehicles are  involved, a description of the vehicle
  • whether the incident has been reported to the police

If an actual crime has occurred, we strongly encourage you report it to the police.