The 1862 plan in the modern era

Our previous history post showed the individual lots from the Wellcomes and Garston Farm, sold at auction in 1862.

The same plots are shown below, superimposed on a modern map to show their location.

Lot 1, the original farm house with surrounding yard and buildings, can still be seen in Hayes Lane, between the junction with Welcomes Road and before Frosbisher Close. The Kitchen Meadow, lot 2, extended back towards Welcomes Road from there, covering the land now occupied by Kearton Close.

Lot 4, Wyse Wood, would have been near where ZigZag road is now, with the Shaw and Pit of Lot 6 being near Uplands Road.

Lot 8, the two cottages and gardens, can still be seen on Hayes Lane at the junction with Welcomes Road.

Lots 11 to 13 are located between Hayes Lane and Old Lodge Lane.

Lots 9 and 10 are now covered by Kenley Aerodrome, together with the plots further south and east, lots 18 to 21.

The name of Garston Farm, of course, has remained with Garston Lane and Garston Gardens, just off the Godstone Road.

Gabriel Lovelock, who farmed 300 acres from 1841, is commemorated in the name of Lovelock Close, off Hayes Lane near the top of Welcomes Road before the Welcomes Farm properties.

The name of Welcomes Road itself is derived from the word ‘combe’, originally meaning a hollow but then used to mean a deep wooded valley.

The WURA website is indebted to local history expert John Carr for making his map and auction schedule available.