Planning Application Archive

The WURA Committee will object to planning applications it believes will have a detrimental effect on the road. This is usually reflected as major concerns with regards safety of road users, particularly pedestrians, and the likelihood of on-street parking as a result of over-development. Unfortunately the Council continue to be completely unsympathetic to our concerns and multi-dwelling planning applications continue to be approved with no recognition of residents’ objections.


20/00981/FUL 8 Kearton Close : Demolition of existing 2 bedroom bungalow and replacement with four dwellings, car parking, landscaping. Objection lodged April 2020.

19/05485/FUL 52 Welcomes Road : Demolition of existing dwelling and erection of building to provide 9 residential units with associated landscaping, parking, vehicular access, cycle and refuse storage. Objection lodged February 2020.

19/04441/OUT 10 Welcomes Road : Demolition of existing dwelling. Erection of 8 four storey houses (4 pairs of semi-detached houses), provision of vehicular accesses, access road and parking areas. Objection lodged January 2020.


19/05394/FUL 60 Welcomes Road : Construction of a two-storey building with habitable roof space to accommodate 7 flats to the front and a pair of semi-detached, two-storey, dwelling houses to the rear of the site; with associated vehicle parking, cycle and bin provision; following the demolition of existing dwelling house. Objection lodged December 2019.

Throughout the summer and autumn of 2019, there was continued lobbying by email to encourage the Council to consider a moratorium on multi-dwelling applications until the impact of the existing applications could be properly assessed.

19/00412/FUL 56 Welcomes Road : Demolition of existing bungalow and erection of a three storey building (including accommodation in the roof) to provide 9 units including associated landscaping, parking, access and cycle/refuse stores. Objection lodged July 2019.

18/05006/FUL 32 Welcomes Road : Demolition of existing building: erection of a three storey building comprising 9 units and formation of associated vehicular access and provision of 9 off-street parking spaces, cycle storage and refuse store. Objection lodged April 2019.

19/00548/FUL 42 Welcomes Road : The erection of a three storey building with accommodation in the roof space (comprising 6 x two bedroom and 1 x three bedroom apartment) and 2 x four bedroom, semi-detached houses, with associated access, amenity space, landscaping, alterations to land levels and off street parking. Objection lodged March 2019 with a follow-up objection about the Parking Stress Survey, kindly carried out by residents in conjunction with KENDRA.


18/05877/FUL 1 Kearton Close : Full planning application for the demolition of single-family dwelling and erection of three storey building for nine flats with associated access, 9 off-street parking spaces, cycle storage and refuse store. Objection lodged December 2018. WURA did receive this response to their objection. In this case the application was eventually withdrawn.

18/04840/FUL 36 Welcomes Road : Conversion to form 7 flats (2 x 3 bedroom. 2 x 2 bedroom, 2 x 1 bedroom and 1 x studio). Alterations and formation of basement accommodation to include front and side light wells, creation of a lower ground floor entrance , erection of a single storey side and rear extension, installation of roof lights and side dormer extensions and provision of associated landscaping, refuse and cycle parking. Objection lodged November 2018.

Repeated attempts throughout the summer of 2018 to arrange a meeting with the Head of Development Management and his team. We finally got a response as a result of the SPD2 Consultation which eventually resulted in a meeting held at Welcomes Road on 27th November 2018. Although it was felt that the discussion during the meeting had been constructive, the Committee found that it had no effect whatsoever on subsequent planning decisions. We were told that our Secretary’s proposed Green Grid Local Plan would be responded to in detail. We did not receive any such response but only the suggestion that a Neighbourhood Plan should be done, even though this would typically be appropriate for a much wider area than WURA and would take years to carry out. Given the scale of such a plan it was decided that it was not something the Committee could embark on, especially given the fact that we received no assurances that a hold would be put on applications while the Plan was being worked on.

Croydon SPD2 : Discussions held during the consultation and objection lodged October 2018

17/06240/RSM 57 Welcomes Road : reserved matters from original outline application 17/02467/OUT Demolition of existing building: erection of two storey building with accommodation in the roof and lower ground floor level comprising 7 two bedroom flats : formation of associated access, 7 parking spaces, cycle storage and refuse store. Objection lodged January 2018


WURA raised a complaint against the Council in August 2017 with respect to the process followed for the application for 57 Welcomes Road. This complaint was initially rejected by the Council in September after which WURA followed it to Stage 2 where it also failed. The WURA Secretary then took the complaint to the Local Authority Ombudsman where it was also rejected in December.

17/02467/OUT 57 Welcomes Road : Demolition of existing dwelling and erection of two storey building with accommodation in roofspace comprising 7 two bedroom units with associated access, 7 car parking spaces, cycle storage and refusal store. Objection lodged May 2017.