Inconsiderate parking on Uplands Road

It has been drawn to WURA’s attention that some members are parking on Uplands Road when it seems that they could be parking on their own drives. In some cases the parked vehicles are obscuring the sight lines of neighbours when exiting their property.

There has always been an understanding that members will not park on either Welcomes or Uplands Roads but on their own drives. However being privately owned it is not illegal for members to park on Uplands Road but littering the road with cars, apart from making for an unattractive street scene, also endangers passing traffic, particularly walkers and cyclists. There is no pavement on either of our roads for walkers to use.

As a designated footpath Welcomes Road in terms of the law cannot be used to park on except briefly for deliveries. That includes members’ cars.

Non members are not allowed to park on either road except to make deliveries. Tradesmen as far as possible should park on the property they are visiting.

Members’ visitors/guests should try to park off the road on the host’s drive or on a neighbour’s drive if there is no room on the host’s property.

In the past the Road Committee have had discussions with the Council about formalising parking restrictions but is reluctant to use traffic wardens to enforce the regulations unless on-street parking gets out of control and the membership votes for Council enforcement at an AGM after a further review of the situation.

WURA requests that neighbour parking problems should if at all possible be resolved between those neighbours. Be considerate about where you park.

Thank you for reading this.

Construction Traffic – 4th November onwards

Please try to avoid using the lower section of Welcomes Road for the time being. There will be about 5 lorries a day visiting this construction site most clearing away spoil but some delivering building materials. They will also be pumping concrete.and building the first foundations of the new houses. They have been asked to confine operations to between 9 am and 3 pm to avoid the ‘rush’ hours.

Resurfacing complete

After successfully completing the preparatory works, the road was resurfaced for about the first 180m down from Hayes Lane on Wednesday 15th September after a delay in delivering the SMA caused by the Insulate Britain protestors. Delivery of the tarmac was unimpeded by demos on Thursday and the work progressed well. The 40mm depth of SMA should be good for many years.

The new speed ramp between Maryhill Close and Simone Drive is also now installed and the line markings complete.

Many thanks for your patience while the work was being done. The London Surfacing Company asked us to pass on thanks for being ‘courteous and understanding’.

Community Infrastructure Levy

WURA have received these letters (PDF file) from our MP and the Minister of State for Housing about the use of Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) funds to upgrade private roads and in the case of Welcomes Road, a designated footpath which needs to be made safer for walkers.

Although millions of pounds in CIL is being collected by Croydon Council in respect of developments fronting Welcomes Road, the Kenley Transport Study, though recognising problems with Welcomes Road and the safety of pedestrians, shows that nothing is earmarked to be spent on the road by the Council.

The letter from the Minister suggests that CIL can be spent on footpaths and the matter will be taken up with the Council particularly as funds should have been set aside from the development at No 10 for this purpose.

For reference, the final report from the Kenley Intensification Zone Transport Study from February 2020 can be viewed here (PDF file).

We will be including a reference to paragraph 3 of the Minister’s letter in future objections to inappropriate development applications in the WURA area.


Sept 13th – 20th : Road Works : Hayes Lane to Uplands Road

At our last pre Covid AGM a member suggested that we ‘get on with resurfacing the (Welcomes) Road instead of just talking about it’. Having received quotes from Swift Surfacing, TTS Surfacing and London Surfacing Co Ltd. The latter company came with an informal ‘introduction’ from the Council Highways Dept. We met the various personnel from each of these companies and the result was that we felt we could work best with the road engineer (Chris) from London Surfacing Co. Ltd. Each quote was similar in terms of price. Anyway we are now ‘getting on with it’ by making a start with resurfacing the section of Welcomes Road from Hayes Lane to Uplands Road (Phase 1). Phase 2 will cover Uplands to Zig Zag Road (2022) and Phase 3 from Zig Zag to Kenley Lane when construction traffic has tailed off.

To be clear : the road will be closed at the Uplands Road junction on the south side and at the Hayes Lane end near the white posts. Traffic from the Welcomes Road from the north (lower end) will be able to turn right into Uplands Road.

Specification : The intention is to apply an overlay of 40mm of stone mastic asphalt (SMA) after regulating the existing surface and re-profiling one speed ramp and installing a drain pipe by the top ramp near Hayes Lane. The works include a 12 months guarantee.

The impending works will commence on Monday 13th September 2021 for 5 days as follows, with working hours from 9am to 5pm :

Monday 13th
Set up site and start the following prep works, Adjust iron work and install drainage pipes. Cut joints at all tie in points.
Road open but with traffic management.

Tuesday 14th
Preparatory works
Road open but with traffic management

Wednesday 15th to Friday 17th
Start resurfacing works from Hayes Lane working towards Uplands Road laying in 3 stages over this period.

Monday 20th September
Install new speed ramp between Maryhill Close and Simone Drive near telegraph pole. Carry out line marking.
Road open but with traffic management.


Members fronting Welcomes Road between Uplands Road and Hayes Lane will need to bear in mind that the contractors need to be allowed to get on with their work uninterrupted. When the overlay is being applied it is vital to keep away from moving machinery. Walkers should be able to find a way round the road works but are encouraged to keep away from the site. If you need to use your car please park it on Uplands Road considerately but do not park near the junction with Welcomes Road as this area will be set aside for the contractors plant and machinery. The postman will need to walk to houses having parked in Uplands Road and other deliveries avoided that week unless essential.

If you have space on your drive for an extra car please let me know  in case any of the  people who will lose access to their own drives from Wednesday 15th to Friday 17th could use it. Otherwise parking will need to be in Uplands Road or other public roads nearby. The section of Uplands Road leading to the junction with Welcomes Road will be reserved for the contractor’s plant and machinery.

SMA curing time 24 hours. No HGV traffic during this period.
Monday is, of course, a refuse collection day for food waste and plastic. This should take place before 9am when the contractor starts work each day.

Site Manager: Chris Stylianou Mobile 07808 318328. Please approach Chris if you need help.
Other contact Nos. Colin Brown 020 8668 2101, Richard Russell 07563 723809 and 020 8668 7293.

Working in Welcomes Road is never easy and your patience will be appreciated


Applications are invited for the position of WURA Secretary

You may have read in the Spring newsletter that Richard Russell is retiring from the position in May 2022. The post could be ideal for a retired person as the work requires working a varying number of hours per day dealing with road matters and associated issues but equally could suit anyone who feels able to fully commit to the work involved. The job, which tends to be event driven, involves responding to multiple emails from not just residents but developers, builders, utilities and various Council departments some of whom are not particularly responsive or helpful as well as organising meetings and keeping minutes. There is an honorarium which I must admit does not reflect the work involved. However whilst it is a challenging role it is also rewarding in terms of the opportunity to be of real service to the community here.

It would be an advantage for the applicant to be well established in the area with contacts within the community and be of a friendly disposition plus plenty of patience! The successful applicant would need to start working with Richard over the coming months to learn the ropes.

If you are interested and would like more information please contact either the current Secretary by email or myself (telephone contact information in the newsletter).

Colin Brown (Chairman)