Problems with Construction Sites

There have been many problems on the road recently caused by deliveries at the various construction sites and complaints about various aspects of the developments.  It appears that some changes have been made in the last few days as a result of the representations made to the developers and hopefully this means that things will improve from now on.  If not, there is a process which people can follow to make any grievance known to the right people.

Every developer must agree with Croydon Council a plan covering logistics and management of the construction site.  If this is not part of their original application then the decision to “grant by the Council will require it as a “condition”. The report will then be submitted for approval as a “Discharge of Conditions” planning application.  The team responsible for ensuring compliance with such plans is the Enforcement Team within the Council. 

The plans for each development can be viewing on the Croydon Planning Application portal. The plans for the current developments can also be viewed here:

Emails with specific details of any non-compliant actions should be sent to and copied to the planning department at .  Ensure you include the following information as part of the email:

  • the address of the construction site
  • the date and time of the non-compliant action (and ideally photos attached as well)
  • your own name and address
  • ideally the planning application number of the development
  • the section of CLP which is not being adhered to

Please also copy WURA so that the number of issues being raised can be collated.  Feel free to also copy other parties such as Heather Cheesborough and Nicola Townsend as well as our councillors.

Note that if an infringement is repeated you are within your rights to submit a complaint each day the non-compliance takes place.

If members feel particularly strongly, as pointed out by others, it is an offence to block a public highway. In such cases, if appropriate road closure signage has not been provided for a planned blockage, the Council should be informed.  If a parked vehicle is causing the blockage the police can issue a parking ticket or remove and impound the car (in extremis).  You could notify the police of such road safety issues.

For future reference, WURA will obtain the equivalent documentation for any new developments as they prepare to start and will make it available to members.

Reporting suspicious behaviour and theft in the neighbourhood

From time to time members report incidents of trespass, theft and other suspicious behaviour in the neighbourhood and this seems to be well received by many members when the information is circulated by WURA.

If you wish to report an incident please try to include the following details:

  • date and time
  • description of person/clothing
  • location of incident
  • if any vehicles are  involved, a description of the vehicle
  • whether the incident has been reported to the police

If an actual crime has occurred, we strongly encourage you report it to the police.


Tommy the turtle finds out he is a terrapin after all!

The other day when one of our members reported that a turtle had appeared through the fence from the building site next door to her,  the event ignited a good deal of interest among members and offers poured in to ‘house’ Tommy until he could be returned to his rightful owners.

He was offered several ponds but in the end Tommy moved to Kenley Lane to take up residence in a thriving pond there. I wonder if he will stay there or move on? Will the owners come and claim him back and what if he doesn’t want to move? Will there be tears?

 Thank you everyone who offered a home to Tommy or who took an interest in the fate of this itinerant amphibian.

 If you have children who would like to write a short story about the adventurers of Tommy the Terrapin, the one the Committee likes best will be published in the next WURA Newsletter and put on the web site. Closing dates for your story 31st August 2020.

More roadworks : 29th June – 2nd July

A new drainage connection for the development at 32 Welcomes Road is to be installed from 29th June to 2nd July. You are strongly advised to avoid using the lower part of Welcomes Road/Kenley Lane/Valley Road at all for this period. 

Advance warning notices will be put up by the contractors.

The contractors will manage the refuse collection lorry routing which is due to empty bins on Monday.  

The drainage work had been scheduled for w/b 22nd June as previously advised, but had to be postponed a week for technical reasons.

Every effort will be made to complete the work by Wednesday 1st July  but an extra day has been allowed  for the unexpected.

Thank you for your patience.

Please send in any traffic incidents

Croydon Council require evidence-based data for any traffic infringements or damage to the WURA roads. This isn’t just for the HGVs involved in the construction work, but should cover any obstruction or blockage, except those for the short period required for a delivery.

Construction traffic is required to conform to the Council stated rules which now form part of each site’s logistics plan. Vehicles should enter at the Kenley Station end of Welcomes Road and depart via Hayes Lane by turning right.

Any HGVs travelling in the opposite direction, reversing or maneuvering to turn (except, of course, to access their site) are contravening these rules and should be reported.

Any damage caused to the road surface or kerbside should also be reported.

Please email details to the WURA secretary at To be a useful report, the following information MUST be included:

  • The name of the contractor on the vehicle and its registration number – ideally a photograph showing one or the other.
  • The location of the incident (outside which house number or junction, for example)
  • The date and time of the incident
  • A statement regarding the incident – whether the vehicle was moving, reversing, parked, the direction of travel, etc.
  • If the incident is associated with damage to the road or property frontage, a picture of the damage caused.

Planned Road Works : 23rd June

Work is planned for 3 to 4 days from Tuesday 23rd June 2020 outside 32 Welcomes Road, which is a construction site. The road will be passable but traffic light controlled whilst managing any  HGVs that might be travelling in opposite directions. 

Monday has been left clear for the refuse lorry to operate unimpeded.

AGM 2020

Because of the COVID 19 situation the Committee felt that it would be unwise to hold an AGM this year and noted that Kendra had made a similar decision.

The Committee therefore met on 1st June using Zoom. Click here to view the resulting report on the meeting which was  based on matters arising from the 2019 AGM and updating members on the current situation. The website stats referenced in the minutes can be viewed here

Signed-off accounts are now also included here.

Your comments are welcome and you can email myself or the Chairman with them.

Kind regards and keep safe.

Richard Russell
Secretary WURA

After the 1862 auction to 1909

It’s not until 1869 that Kenley starts to be identified as a distinct area in the Croydon Directory, although it is still listed under the Coulson ward. There are a mere 11 entries in 1869, including Mr John Hough at Welcomes Farm and Mr Henry Laycock, at Eastcott, on Valley Road just at the bottom of Welcomes Road.

The advert (left) in the Caterham Directory of 1872/73 shows how development is being encouraged along the Caterham branch line.

It is at this point that the early properties in the immediate area start to appear, including Elmwood (on Abbots Lane opposite the end of ZigZag Road), Hillside (building itself near Kenley Lane opposite the church, but with driveway down to Welcomes Road) and The Mount (Hermitage Road). No road names are included yet, building was sparse enough that the property name was sufficient to identify each property within Kenley.

By 1876 the list has expanded to 54 entries, with properties being listed as Hayes Lane, Godstone Road and Valley Road.

In 1882 the Waddenden Arms appears in the Directory (now, of course, the Wattenden Arms) although the Village History refers to the landlord there being Thomas Hill from 1876, followed by Sophia Hill from 1895. Within another couple of years Woodhurst, Elmhurst and Benthall appear, grouped around what is now ZigZag Road but just listed as property names.

1886 brings the arrival of a local school, with a Mr Walter Smith as the schoolmaster.

During the 1880’s, the number of entries for Kenley continues to increase, reaching 243 by 1890.

In the early 1900’s, properties begin to appear specifically listed as Welcomes Road, some with names still in use today:

  • 1901
    • Ravenscroft (listed as a school at this point)
  • 1904
    • The Copse (no 22 Welcomes Road)
    • WyssWood (no 78 Welcomes Road)
    • Woodend (no 80 Welcomes Road)
    • Alwyne Cottage (no 163 Welcomes Road)
    • Babbecombe (Uplands Road)
    • The Nest
    • The Cottage
  • 1905
    • Kenilworth (no 165 Welcomes Road)
    • Ridgehurst (Uplands Road)
    • The Hermitage (Uplands Road)
    • Kings Close
  • 1906
    • Sherwood Mount (Uplands Road)
  • 1907
    • The Garth (no 12 Welcomes Road)
    • Barrington (no 36 Welcomes Road)
    • The Homestead (nos 151 & 153 Welcomes Road)
    • The Glen (Now Uplands Road, with 102 Welcomes Road & others in front)
    • Morven (Uplands Road)
  • 1908
    • The Chestnuts (nos 155 & 157 Welcomes Road)
  • 1909
    • The Old Place (Uplands Road)
    • the Woodhurst and Elmhurst listings move to ZigZag Road
    • Hillside Stables

The 1901 Census provides supporting information. It shows Mrs F Dyer as the head of the household at Hazelea. My Henry Laycock is still at Eastcott, Mr George Maw at Benthall, Mr Charles Thomes at Woodhurst and Harriet Wilson at Elmshurst. It logs a population for Kenley of 1299 people.

The WURA website is indebted to local history expert John Carr for making his research into the Croydon Register and 1901 Census information available and also acknowledges the Bourne Society Village Histories 6: Kenley (Ed Grahame Brooks).