New Committee Members and helpers needed for WURA

WURA urgently needs the following:- 

1. Someone to take over running our website, ideally someone who has experience with WordPress.

2. Someone to deal with developer planning applications for WURA. 

3. Someone to  help with road maintenance, road contractors and keeping Welcomes and Uplands Road free of litter, overhanging hedges or dangerous trees that may obstruct our roads.

We have some members, who probably do not wish to be named, who already pick litter and sweep up gravel carried by flood water and we are very grateful for what they do. If you care about the local environment  and you can help in this way you do not have to join the Committee. However as a Committee member you may be able to get more done. There are usually only 2 Committee meetings a year plus the AGM. 

If you are interested please contact WURA by emailing .

You do not have to live in Welcomes or Uplands Road to apply. So if you know of a non member who might be suitable, please let us know.