Community Infrastructure Levy

WURA have received these letters (PDF file) from our MP and the Minister of State for Housing about the use of Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) funds to upgrade private roads and in the case of Welcomes Road, a designated footpath which needs to be made safer for walkers.

Although millions of pounds in CIL is being collected by Croydon Council in respect of developments fronting Welcomes Road, the Kenley Transport Study, though recognising problems with Welcomes Road and the safety of pedestrians, shows that nothing is earmarked to be spent on the road by the Council.

The letter from the Minister suggests that CIL can be spent on footpaths and the matter will be taken up with the Council particularly as funds should have been set aside from the development at No 10 for this purpose.

For reference, the final report from the Kenley Intensification Zone Transport Study from February 2020 can be viewed here (PDF file).

We will be including a reference to paragraph 3 of the Minister’s letter in future objections to inappropriate development applications in the WURA area.


HGV Routing

WURA Committee members held a meeting early in December with Croydon Council to follow-up on the routing requirements for the HGV traffic associated with the new developments.

Following the meeting, the Principle Network Impact Assessment Engineer confirmed:

“As discussed at our meeting I believe I can support vehicles on Uplands Road entering and exiting via Abbots, and whilst I agree ‘SLOW’ markings and some double yellow lines are needed on the Abbots sharp turn these would have to be implemented as part of a new sites conditions if one comes up on Abbots as the current financial situation in the Council does not allow me to implement them on a general basis.”

“I can confirm that new sites along Welcomes are required to pay into a fund to cover a camera at the northern end of the road, again unfortunately with the current situation the installation fee and the small balance left over that would have been covered by the Council is not able to be authorised until we are no longer under Section 114 and there is a clear path back to a balanced budget.”

Construction Site Contacts

These are the contact details for the first point of contact for any issues you may have regarding the construction sites currently operating on the WURA roads under planning applications approved by Croydon Council.

Please only refer back to the WURA Secretary if you are not satisfied with the developer’s response to your enquiry.  Please copy the Secretary in on any correspondence for record keeping purposes. Note also that if you are unhappy with the response and believe that the developer has broken the terms of their agreements, you should raise the issue with Croydon Council as described in “Problem With Construction Sites” .

32 Welcomes Road – Goldstone Homes

Site Manager: Phil Johnson
T: 07534 506 244
Construction Logistics Plan: 32 Welcomes Road
Routing Map: here

42 Welcomes Road

Admin Manager: Mr Joy Gopinadhan
T:07703 209 652
Construction Logistics Plan: 42 Welcomes Road

57 Welcomes Road – Regal Abode Ltd

Admin Manager: Abi Mukhurjee
Construction Logistics Plan: 57 Welcomes Road

35 Uplands Road – CPSL Construction Ltd

Admin Manager: Mr Darryl Castelino 
T:07540 369293
Construction Logistics Plan: 35 Uplands Road


36 Welcomes Road is now complete and occupied.

Current Planning Application Status

We have suffered another tranche of planning applications recently, the majority of which the WURA committee consider to be over-development for the size of the plot and a level of intensification which will impact road safety, the environment and the amenity of the immediate surroundings. WURA will continue to submit objection letters for these types of proposals.

We still await responses to letters written to Heather Cheesbrough (July 2020) and  to Nicola Townsend (Sept 2020) the new Head of Development. Hopefully they are having some effect on  planning decisions as refusals are beginning to emerge even if they have not made a formal acknowledgement to either of them. The recent application for 37 Welcomes Road and an earlier one for 52 Welcomes Road were refused and the reasons stated included over-massing, scale and highway safety.

The current situation is as follows:

Already approved (54 dwellings):

  • No. 10 WR – 8 houses
  • No. 32 WR – 9 flats
  • No. 36 WR – initially 7, now 8 flats
  • No. 42 WR – 7 flats plus 2 houses
  • No. 56 WR – 9 flats
  • No. 57 WR – 7 flats
  • No. 35 UR – 6 houses
  • No. 2 KC – 4 units (under PIP)
  • No. 8 KC – 4 houses

Applications pending (49 dwellings):

  • No. 60 WR – 7 flats plus 2 houses
  • No. 52 WR – 9 flats (new proposal following previous refusal)
  • No. 67 WR – 8 flats
  • No. 88 WR – 9 flats (outline)
  • No. 90 WR – 3 houses
  • No. 1 KC – 15 flats + 4 houses

This represents a 10-fold increase in dwellings, the vast majority with inadequate parking capacity.

More information about each of these can be viewed on the Planning Application Archive page.

Problems with Construction Sites

There have been many problems on the road recently caused by deliveries at the various construction sites and complaints about various aspects of the developments.  It appears that some changes have been made in the last few days as a result of the representations made to the developers and hopefully this means that things will improve from now on.  If not, there is a process which people can follow to make any grievance known to the right people.

Every developer must agree with Croydon Council a plan covering logistics and management of the construction site.  If this is not part of their original application then the decision to “grant by the Council will require it as a “condition”. The report will then be submitted for approval as a “Discharge of Conditions” planning application.  The team responsible for ensuring compliance with such plans is the Enforcement Team within the Council. 

The plans for each development can be viewing on the Croydon Planning Application portal. The plans for the current developments can also be viewed here:

Emails with specific details of any non-compliant actions should be sent to and copied to the planning department at .  Ensure you include the following information as part of the email:

  • the address of the construction site
  • the date and time of the non-compliant action (and ideally photos attached as well)
  • your own name and address
  • ideally the planning application number of the development
  • the section of CLP which is not being adhered to

Please also copy WURA so that the number of issues being raised can be collated.  Feel free to also copy other parties such as Heather Cheesborough and Nicola Townsend as well as our councillors.

Note that if an infringement is repeated you are within your rights to submit a complaint each day the non-compliance takes place.

If members feel particularly strongly, as pointed out by others, it is an offence to block a public highway. In such cases, if appropriate road closure signage has not been provided for a planned blockage, the Council should be informed.  If a parked vehicle is causing the blockage the police can issue a parking ticket or remove and impound the car (in extremis).  You could notify the police of such road safety issues.

For future reference, WURA will obtain the equivalent documentation for any new developments as they prepare to start and will make it available to members.

Please send in any traffic incidents

Croydon Council require evidence-based data for any traffic infringements or damage to the WURA roads. This isn’t just for the HGVs involved in the construction work, but should cover any obstruction or blockage, except those for the short period required for a delivery.

Construction traffic is required to conform to the Council stated rules which now form part of each site’s logistics plan. Vehicles should enter at the Kenley Station end of Welcomes Road and depart via Hayes Lane by turning right.

Any HGVs travelling in the opposite direction, reversing or maneuvering to turn (except, of course, to access their site) are contravening these rules and should be reported.

Any damage caused to the road surface or kerbside should also be reported.

Please email details to the WURA secretary at To be a useful report, the following information MUST be included:

  • The name of the contractor on the vehicle and its registration number – ideally a photograph showing one or the other.
  • The location of the incident (outside which house number or junction, for example)
  • The date and time of the incident
  • A statement regarding the incident – whether the vehicle was moving, reversing, parked, the direction of travel, etc.
  • If the incident is associated with damage to the road or property frontage, a picture of the damage caused.

HGV movements – update

Croydon Council have over-ridden one aspect of our suggestion and have required the HGVs to go up the length of Welcomes Road to Hayes Lane, despite major safety concerns about large vehicles turning at the poorly sighted junction. Their ruling is to keep the one-way approach, but in reverse to our original proposal. The solution imposed on us is as follows:

1. All HGV traffic to enter the WURA zone at the Railway Station/Kenley Lane end of Welcomes Road.

2. All HGV traffic to exit at the Hayes Lane end .

3. No HGV traffic to use Zig Zag Road in any circumstances including for turning round.

This approach at least still ensures that HGVs do not meet on Welcomes Road and should not try to turn round on the road or at junctions with any of the side roads.

All developers have been informed of this policy and should be adhering to it under the Construction & Logistics Plan for each site. Please notify a Committee member if you see any HGVs breaking these rules, making sure you take a note of the date and time, the company named on the HGV and ideally the site for which it was working.

HGV movements

Following a Committee meeting on January 20th it was decided that for safety reasons and to reduce the stress on the people living and walking in Welcomes Road developers/builders have been asked that site traffic (HGVs) be directed to travel in one direction only as follows:-

1. All HGV traffic to enter the WURA zone via the Abbotts Lane/Uplands Road junction turning left at the junction with Welcomes Road.

2. All HGV traffic to exit at the Railway Station/Kenley Lane end of Welcomes Road.

3. HGVs must not  enter Welcomes Road at the Hayes Lane end under any circumstances.

4. No HGV traffic to use Zig Zag Road in any circumstances including for turning round.

HGV traffic to sites in the Focused Intensification Zone (Limit of zone Nos 9 and 12 Welcomes Road) may use the Station end of Welcomes Road to enter and exit.

We appreciate that this measure will increase HGV traffic in Uplands Road and we apologise for this. However there have been  cases of HGVs meeting in Welcomes Road and being unable to pass in the road, resulting in them having to reverse long distances, a very hazardous manoeuvre for other road users and effectively blocking the road. The one-way approach should also mean that HGVs do not try to turn round on the road or at junctions with any of the side roads.

All developers have been informed of this policy and should be adhering to it under the Construction & Logistics Plan for each site. Please notify a Committee member if you see any HGVs breaking these rules, making sure you take a note of the date and time, the company named on the HGV and ideally the site for which it was working.

Betts Mead

WURA members may not be aware that there has been a Commons Land Application made on the land around the Betts Mead recreation area, bordering Hayes Lane at the top of Welcomes Road and also at the back along Old Lodge Lane (ref 19/05499/CLA, viewable on the Croydon Planning Register)

KENDRA have put together the information below and we encourage anyone who has used the land for dog walking and recreation to submit a response, especially those who have used the land for 20 years or more. Critical to the response is the fact that the wider land has been used, not just the paths for direct access through it. This includes access directly off the road when jumping out of the way of passing vehicles on Hayes Lane!

What does this Notice mean?

Local residents have used, unhindered, the blue, pink and green land to stroll, walk dogs, throw snowballs and other miscellaneous pastimes for many years. This Notice would, in essence, bring to an end the period of ‘use by right’ of this land by local residents. The Notice effectively ‘stops the clock’ on residents reaching the ’20-year use rule’ which enables communities to register such land as a Village or Town Green and/or establish new official footpaths. The Notice does not prevent future Rights being established by way of the ‘20-year use rule’ – but it ‘resets the clock’, and the ability to accrue time restarts from 2020 and accrues until such time as a further Notice/Deposit is made. If land has already been subject to ‘use by right’ for over 20 years before the date of the Notice then residents have the opportunity to make representations to the Council to that affect and may, if successful, retain the option to make an application to have footpaths officially recorded and/or land registered as a Town or Village Green.

What action can individuals take?

If you are concerned about this issue and the potential loss of paths/amenity, then please comment on the Notice to Croydon Council (Deadline 17th Feb).

Options are:

1) Preferred by KENDRA – Write your comments in an email or letter attached to an email. Ensure that you clearly refer to application 19/05499/CLA. Email to

2) Write a letter (again clearly refer to Ref 19/05499/CLA) and post it to Development Management, Place Department, 6th Floor, Bernard Weatherill House, 8 Mint Walk, Croydon CR0 1EA.

3) Go online to Enter 19/05499/CLA into the search box and press enter Select the “Comments” tab and make your comments

You should explain how you have used the land and for what period of time – possible uses could be hiking, dog walking, den building, sledging, snowballing, collecting timber, maintaining fallen trees/paths, blackberrying, litter picking, enjoying/photographing wildlife, walking to School/station/buses, BMXing, mountain biking etc.

You do not have to have personally used the land for 20 years, it is the chain of community use that is important, but if you have used it for more than 20 years or you grew up in Kenley and played there as a child in the 70’s/80’s/90’s please make that clear. As a community we undoubtedly know more about the historic use of this land than the current owners and this is our opportunity to make our enjoyment of this land known to the Local Authority.

For full information please read the full Information Note produced by KENDRA.